We’ve begun to talk recently about how we make (and keep) Jesus truly central in our lives.  We’ve started to explore the subtle and not-so-subtle ways in which we tend to cling to control, formally acknowledging him as our master while in practice displacing him to a secondary role.

As he talked with both friends and critics, Jesus would often ask them questions as a way of prompting them to confront their (often hidden) attitudes, opinions & prejudices; things that exposed the areas where God was not actually central to their lives, despite what they might claim.

He still does this with us.

So here are a few questions that can help me gauge who is really the central one in my life:

  • Do I typically resist being confronted, challenged and called to genuine repentance?
    • If so, then it is unlikely that Jesus is truly my Master.
  • Am I easily offended and hurt?
    • If so, then personal pride may have replaced Jesus as the centre of my life.
  • Do I think that Jesus generally endorses my personal opinions, prejudices and preferences?
    • If so, then Jesus may in reality have become secondary for me.
  • In daily life is my predominant focus on my own comfort, pleasure and security?
    • If so, then I may no longer be a servant to Jesus, but him to me.

Often the most effective way to enthrone Jesus, and to de-throne myself, at the centre of my life is to worship.  Because true worship is wholly focussed on Jesus, rather than on myself.

  • Judged by the mental energy and attention that I invest, who or what do I truly worship, and what does this reveal as being most central in my life?

Just asking.