We believe giving is a part of our worship and being community together. Giving is a way we get to contribute to the vision of the YCC, seeing more people encounter Jesus and our community transformed.

At YCC we believe we are part of a bigger story, a story we don’t just believe in, but a story we participate in. and so we choose to join in, to be part of something bigger. To work in partnership with God to see all things restored and renewed. As part of the community of YCC, we believe that giving is an important way that we participate in the 365, the mission, values and vision of YCC. It’s our first place of giving.

Giving and generosity have been at the heart of the Christian faith from the very beginning. In our earliest description of church in Acts, we see people bringing what they have, and presenting it to the leaders to distribute and serve the poor. Jesus talked about giving as a principle of life that was linked to justice, mercy and faithfulness. An overarching narrative of the Bible is that we are blessed by God so that we can be a blessing. We aren’t created to accumulate wealth and blessing, but instead to be a conduit of God’s blessing to the world around us. Giving is an act of Thanksgiving. And so we give.

Giving is an act of liberation. It frees us from the culture of ‘Not Enough’. In a world that always tells us we need more, God invites us to give. To break the hold that culture has on us. To combat the fear of not enough. Not having enough. Not being enough. Not doing enough. It’s an attitude that gets into us and distorts us.It’s a culture that can never be satisfied. And so, God invites us to give. As a revolutionary act of liberation. God invites us to give as an act of revolutionary love that gives value to the other. That invests in a different Kingdom. As an act of justice. An act that recognises that it’s all Gods, and we have more than enough. 

God tells His people in scripture to tithe. To give 10% of what we have. (scripture reference?) We believe this points to a principle that giving should be a habit we set. Its about obedience. Its about breaking the hold that ‘Not Enough’ has on us. Whilst we don’t view the 10% as a rule, we do see it as a guide to how we should give. Generously. Sacrificially and Consistently. 

God also instructed His people to give their first fruits. This was a principle that said they should give the first of their harvest. We believe this points to a principle that giving should be an instinctive action. As soon as we receive anything, our instinctive reaction should be to give. Over and above our habitual giving, we should also display a spirit of generosity

As well as God telling his people to tithe, and then give their first fruits, God also tells his people to consider the poor. Which is a beautiful moment of revolution. In a world that consistently tells us to look up at those who have more, to pursue more, more success and power, God tells us to look the other way. Consider those who have less. Because when we fix our eyes on those who have more, ‘Not Enough’ takes root in us. But when we consider those who have less, our hearts expand. We have enough, and feel moved to give to those who do not. And so, in addition to our habitual giving, and our instinctive giving, we believe we are also called to give to those who don’t have. To support ministries that meet people in their moment of crisis and need. To share life with those who have less and live generously. 

There are lots of different ways of giving to Yeovil Community Church and supporting the groups and projects happening here. This includes ways of giving in the building during our Sunday gatherings in person, on the Givt app or even online here.


Right now, you can use this form to give to the work of YCC via PayPal.
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Download the Givt app to your phone and you can give to YCC whenever you like. Givt enables you to give easily, anonymously, and also target your giving to whichever aspect of YCC you choose. You can give to the offering at our gatherings by tapping your phone on the beacon in the offering bowl, you can give remotely at any time, or you can give by scanning a QR code linked to a particular ministry in YCC. You can add Gift Aid via the app.


To give via text simply send the word YCC to 70085 followed by any whole amount up to £20 you wish to give. For example “YCC 20”


Grab an envelope during one of our gatherings or in the building to give cash and one-off or regular offerings via card.


If you shop on Amazon, think about AmazonSmile. It’s an easy way to support YCC without parting with extra cash.

AmazonSmile is Amazon’s way of helping you to support the charity of your choice. AmazonSmile offers exactly the same products, prices and services as your usual Amazon, but with the added benefit of being able to support the charity of your choice.


If you would give via cheque please make it payable to Yeovil Community Church and post to:

The GateWay
Addlewell Lane

Please specify if you are a UK TAX payer and would like to register give Gift Aid with your donation.

If you would like to set up a standing order or donate via internet banking you can use these details:

Account Name: Yeovil Community Church
Account Number: 20595263
Sort Code: 60-24-37
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If you would like anymore information please feel free to contact our finance team here.