365 is our mission, our values, and our vision.

3 mission words, 6 values and 5 vision statements – 365.

It is our hope as a church that we live this out every day. We do this as a whole – but we also do this individually, as families, households, small groups and as friends. In our homes, neighbourhoods, communities, workplaces, schools, colleges and everywhere we set foot. Every one of us is an expression of our 365, everywhere, every day.


Why we are here.


How we live.


Where we are going.


Live out Faith, Hope and Love in our community.

We believe our community should look different because of who Jesus is in us. It is our passion, desire and hope that every person we encounter will have the opportunity to encounter and connect with him. If you are new to YCC and want to know more about us click below.


These are the ways in which we choose to live, this impacts every area of our groups, projects, planning and lives.







These values are best lived out in out small groups and in community. If you are not part of a small group and would like to be, click below.


By God’s Spirit and working in partnership we are committed to:

Becoming a community where Jesus is wholeheartedly worshipped, deeply experienced and clearly known.

Praying and creating space for renewal in ourselves and our communities.

Seeing the tide of relational breakdown turned wherever we serve.

Resourcing the wider church to bring about Kingdom transformation.

Living generously, challenging the cultures and systems that create injustice, and actively loving those affected.

The outworking of our vision evolves and changes, we have projects and groups that serve all different ages and groups. There are many ways you can get involved through volunteering, praying and giving. If you would like more information on serving on a team contact us, you can also give to the work of YCC by clicking below.

We have produced cards with our 365 on to send out so you can have these in your home, on your fridge or in your bible. We would love to send you a copy, if we do not already have your contact details and you would like one and to recieve information on what is going on at YCC please fill out the form by clicking below.