We exist because nobody should be held hostage by debt and poverty. But the truth is that they are rife in the UK. But with the right support, anyone can break free from debt.

Hope for Kids cares for children-in-crisis: orphans, street children, those who have been abandoned or abused, and those who are victims of war, disease and extreme poverty.

If you are struggling with life, feeling stuck or overwhelmed, counselling may be for you. Counselling can allow you to make changes and live a fuller, more enjoyable life.

The Lord’s Larder Food Bank is our local ‘foodbank’ of non-perishable food, operated by volunteers of all denominations that work together for the benefit of the community.

Oddments is a full-time Christian Theatre Company, whose aim is to produce quality drama, which is both entertaining to watch and thought- provoking.

Street Pastors have trained over 12,000 street and prayer pastors, who have played an active part in strengthening community life and working for safer streets.

4Family equips local churches to train volunteers to support families in their communities. Families who may be isolated, lonely, vulnerable, or struggling to cope.