Nothing we do at YCC would happen without our incredible volunteers. From our reception staff, to our Poppins helpers, the people who make our Sunday mornings happen to our Y4F mentors, our children and youth teams, to our listeners, and everyone in between. It would not be possible to have such a big impact on our community without the amazing ‘YCC Team’. The way you everyone gives their time and energy to serve is seen, appreciated and highly valued. 

  • YCC Youth Team
  • YCC Kids Team
  • Worship & Production Team
  • Reception Team
  • Job Club Support
  • Yeovil Welcome Hub
  • Y4F Mentors
  • Pastoral Support
  • Poppins Support
  • Listeners
  • Small Group Leaders
  • Welcome Team
  • Trustees
  • The Roost
  • Intentional Peer Support Groups
  • Buildings and Maintenance

If you’d like to join our team of volunteers, please fill out the relevant form below to register interest.