As a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, the trustees of YCC have legal responsibility for YCC’s management and administration. They hold us to account, making sure that we comply with any relevant laws and that our finances are managed effectively and used for the right purposes. It is a legal requirement that trustees work in a voluntary capacity.

Rob Brazier
Rob BrazierChair of trustees
Simon Collins
Simon CollinsVice Chair
Rosie Hoyles
Rosie HoylesChair of Finance
Karen Hibbert
Karen HibbertSecretary of the Trust, Chair of BAHS, Safeguarding trustee
Malcolm Nichols
Malcolm NicholsChair of Personnel
Sarah Roughsedge
Sarah RoughsedgeFinance
Keith Foy
Keith FoyFinance
Vicky Bastable
Vicky BastablePersonnel
Helen Day
Helen DayBAHS (Building, Assets, Health and Safety)