Just so everyone knows… we are still operating in the building in as safe a way as we can. We have spread into the small hall so that we have extra room for storage and are able to work preparing parcels maintaining our 2 metre social distance.
Donations can be left at reception between 10am and 2pm Monday to Friday until further notice.

Current Shortages include:

  • Instant Coffee

  • Tins of Baked Beans

  • Tins of Ravioli

  • Tins of Macaroni Cheese

  • Tins of Spaghetti

  • Tins of Hot Dogs

  • Tins of Chilli con Carne

  • Tins of Potatoes

  • Tins of Sweetcorn

  • Tins of Fruit

  • Tins of Peas

  • Carrier Bags


The Lord’s Larder Food Bank is operated by a charity called Yeovil Christian Support Trust, and is our local ‘foodbank’ of non-perishable food, operated by volunteers of all denominations that work together for the benefit of the community.
It began in a small way when a representative of Yeovil Citizens’ Advice Bureau spoke about the need for emergency food to a member of one of the churches in Yeovil. It is now supplied by over 60 local churches, 40 schools, community groups and private individuals.

Last year over 80,000 items of food were given out via 60 different agencies to help over 3200 adults and 1900 children in an area covering Yeovil to Crewkerne to Glastonbury, across to Wincanton and Sherborne.


  • Food and money are donated throughout the year by local churches, businesses, schools and charities.
  • Volunteers sort & store all donations of food in a purpose built larder.
  • Requests for food are made by phone through recognized agencies, who then collect the parcels to hand on to their clients, (please note we do not supply food to individuals on direct request to The Lord’s Larder Food Bank.)
  • Emergency food parcels are made up by the volunteers, according to need.