Why Create?

Create is all about story, creativity, and transformation. First, we come with our stories, our unique perspectives on the world, our gifts, and our skills. Then, we combine all those things to tell the Story of Jesus with creativity that reflects His character and tell of how this amazing story has shaped our own stories.

As we do this, we are transformed to look more like Jesus whilst growing closer to Him day by day. Our own transformation then begins to transform the people and the community around us. We invite you to join with us on this journey as part of the team or as one of our supporters.

Toby the Roman
Create team leading worship

What is Create?

The Create Team is a team of young adults from across the globe who are passionate about shaping their lives around Jesus and expressing His amazing story in creative ways. We aim to reflect our creative God through music, dance, design, art, video, photo, youthwork, and children’s work. In this, we work with schools to run creative projects that give young people a chance to achieve and build self-esteem, we mentor young people and encourage them to thrive, we run youth and children’s groups, we make resources for our church and beyond, we write and produce music to inspire, we design art to change and challenge ways of thinking, we create content that points to a bigger story, we facilitate events from worship nights to festivals, and we do it all in team.

Create can be done just as a gap year or as a longer-term commitment anywhere from 2-5 years. The programme currently consists of four streams: Youth, Children’s & Families, Media, and Worship. Whilst we expect every member of the Create team to grow in all these areas, the specific roles provide focus to the programme and enable trainees to invest in the areas they are most passionate about. If these don’t quite reflect you, we would love to build something that enables and empowers you to bring your gifts to the team.

How did Create become Create?

Yeovil Community Church has a long history of hosting teams of people passionate about creatively sharing the story of Jesus and transforming this generation. The Presence Team (2000-2004) evolved into Urban Warriors (2004-2012) which evolved into to the Create Team we have today. We believe that this legacy of people who love Jesus, love the Story, and want to be transformed has shaped Yeovil and continues to bring hope to our community with each new trainee.

Toby the Roman

I’m in! What next?

If you want to find out a bit more about who we are or want to join the team, contact us here.
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Meet the team

Sim Ashford
Sim AshfordCreate Team Leader
Charlotte Reid
Charlotte ReidChildrens Work Intern
Amy Pike
Amy PikeMedia Intern
Luca Vive
Luca ViveWorship Intern
Maria Lopes
Maria LopesMedia Intern
Grace Cumberbatch
Grace CumberbatchWorship Intern

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