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Malcolm Nichols

I am a Yeovilian by birth, am married to Lynn and have three children; Joel, Daniel & Becky (married to Ian), plus a grandchild (Noah).  I have spent most of my life dividing my working day between helping to co-ordinate YCC and directing a leather business here in UK and in NZ.  Having now retired from business I (theoretically) have more time to spend with family, though that doesn’t always seem to work out.  I am a YCC trustee.  I enjoy reading widely, walking to relax and try to keep up to date with IT stuff so I can pretend that I know what I’m talking about when the conversation turns technical.


Values – Story

Malcolm continues our 365 series looking at the value of story. What does the bible say about us being part of God's story and how do we live lives that…


Gasping for breath

Today is stormy.  The howling wind is dramatic, and either invigorating or scary depending on your circumstances and your personality. In Scripture the Greek word “pneuma” does a lot of multitasking.  It can mean wind, or breath, or spirit; or

Eating ahead of ourselves

Familiarity dulls the imagination, and perhaps the appetite. I was reading some thoughts on ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ recently and was intrigued to learn that the familiar phrase ‘our daily bread’ does not necessarily mean what I had always assumed.  Apparently,

Musings on a half-dead tree

Walking in the fields recently I came across an old friend. Isolated in the centre of an open meadow stood a single, large tree. But this tree held my gaze because it was unlike most others. Half the tree was