Miles Peckover – Yeovil Murmurations

In the early spring of 2021, we started a vaccine clinic with our NHS colleagues to vaccinate those on the streets, not registered with a GP and otherwise vulnerable people. From this, a drop-in clinic and social space was developed that has become known as The Yeovil Murmurations (think birds flocking together for safety, warmth, food, rest).

Miles Peckover, who has been our Community Fieldworker for the past 2 and half years was instrumental in developing this and enabling it to grow. He rightly identified that those living on the streets often feel that there is little to occupy their time, boredom creeps in, negative thoughts can be rife, and the temptation to drink or take drugs is increased in the midst if very complex situations. A space where people can come, get a cup of tea, play piano, or a board game, make something or paint, talk to people, laugh together, and also see a health professional if needed, is what Murmurations Drop-In has become.  

Having developed this, Miles stepped down from his role in August this year, to allow someone else to take this work to the next stage.

Miles felt that his time doing this valuable work had come to an end and that someone with a similar heart and passion for people was needed to take this on. We currently only have 6 months left of Lottery funding to be able to continue this work, but we are pleased to say that Bridget Turner, who has been volunteering in The Murmurations Drop-In since May 2021, has been able to step into this space for the next 6 months. Her role will be somewhat different from the role that Miles had – she won’t be seeking out people hidden in car parks, or farm fields, she will instead be mainly Gateway based, hosting and developing the Murmurations and ongoing support for vulnerable people and those without homes.  

Bridget’s role will be to “Make sustained, intentional relationships with local people without homes, those whose housing situation is vulnerable and others who find themselves on the margins of society. Encouraging and developing meaningful occupation and community connections through healthy environments and safe, welcoming places; adopting a person-centered approach to support, and living out Faith, Hope, and Love in our Community. And engaging in multi-agency working to achieve this.” 

We want to publicly take this opportunity to thank Miles for all he has done. For his care and passion for people, and drive to see lives transformed. Thank you Miles; it’s been an adventure.  

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