Hide the children, turn off the phone, and tell Mum you’ll call her tomorrow.  It’s time to prioritise a weekly date night over seven weeks for the two of you to invest in your relationship, and have some fun.

Each evening of the on-line Marriage Course lasts about 90 minutes, and all your conversations are just between the two of you.

Each week we will explore a different topic, and provide time for you to chat confidentially within the privacy of your own home.

You just need to get a laptop ready, ensure it’s connected to the Internet, open up the link, enter the password, and then settle down together in a comfy sofa.  Reach for the cheese and biscuits, a glass of wine, and then press play.  It really is that simple.

The course is designed for any couple that is living together; you don’t actually have to be married or be “struggling” with any specific issues.
It’s about creating time together to grow together.

How does a Marriage Course session work?


We encourage each couple to create the atmosphere of a date night together.  So turn down the lights, get comfy together, and have some food or nice nibbles close to hand.  It will help you unwind and connect before we even get going.


Each week will be hosted on-line by Simon & Sarah or Jon & Sue.  The videos are around 45 minutes in length, with short breaks for conversations. Each episode explores a different topic through real experiences, expert insights, and relevant teaching.


Providing space for couples to have private, intimate conversations is a must for every course. It helps enable couples to engage openly and honestly throughout the session.

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