As Christians we are invited into a new way of living. A way of discipleship. A way of freedom and transformation.

We are invited to not only believe in a God of hope and justice and wholeness, but to live lives of hope, justice and wholeness.

As a church we wanted to look at the habits, cultures and currencies of the Kingdom. We wanted to explore how to be wholehearted, Christ-centred people. Wholeheartedness that comes through actions, habits and behaviours. Habits that change us, habits that align us with the God we are in relationship with and habits that bring us life.

We took a year and looked at a different habit each month. We wanted the ideas and stories to inspire and work into our lives and conversations throughout the month. We discussed them in our small groups, round the breakfast table and in our everyday lives. We made suggestions each month on how you to practice them and explore them together, we shared stories of how people were getting on with them and the changes they were making.

And so now we invite you to use these resources and put some of these ideas into practice. We invite you to build these habits into your lives, to practice them in your work, family and in your relationships. We invite you to discuss them with your friends, in your families and in your small groups, and commit together to be wholehearted people.


Thankfulness Banner

Thankfulness is an attitude of gratitude that teaches us to see the world differently and an action that changes our hearts

Vulnerability Banner

Vulnerability is one of the most courageous things we can do. It is a habit that teaches us to live wholeheartedly and discover joy.

Storytelling Banner

Your story matters, we need to be people who celebrate the good things and live the life we were made to.

Giving Banner

Giving is the antidote to consumerism. Giving liberates, restores and softens us.

Rhythm Banner

If all we do is breathe out, we run out. We are made to breathe in, spend time with God, form rhythm and be who has called us to be.

Reconnect Banner

We are the most connected generation in history. We need to switch off our devices and reconnect with the creator.

Celebration Banner

We are created to live open, expansive and joy filled lives. God generously invites us to party!



If you are interested in using these resources, and want to get additional handouts for each video, or simply want to know more, please contact us.