Our dimensions are our beliefs, our values, our DNA. They are our heartbeat that keep us in step, and the lens that we see the world through.

Each of the six dimensions work on a different level. Each one has a word, sentence and paragraph that explains it. They each work on their own, but come to life and take on more depth and substance when they are seen together as a whole. They are not set in stone, or static, but rather dynamic and evolving with us. They look different in each of us, and yet they are instantly recognizable in us. They are not a formula, but rather a context. They are the beginning of a conversation rather than the conclusion.

As we seek to work them out in our lives, our projects, our families and our church, we discover new perspectives of them and realisations of them. They are not something we look at instead of God, but rather the lens through which we see more of God. They are intended to draw us closer to Him and reveal new truths about Him.

Much of this goes to explain the logo of the cube. The cube has six sides, each of which stands on its own, but when we see them together they take on more depth and substance. 2D becomes 3D. The dimensions as a whole make more sense.

The cube is also fractured and cracked. This is because we recognize that we are broken, but rather than hide our brokenness, we recognize that it adds to the beauty. Light refracts through it to act as a prism, turning white light into a rainbow, and the disparity of a rainbow into clear white light. In this sense, we are not a box that contains, but a prism that overflows with a spectrum of colours, flowing out into our community and the world.


We believe that we are part of a bigger story that crosses the generations of history. We believe that Jesus spans this entire story and that the Cross is the central point, the point of love, salvation and hope. We believe that the same God whose story is told throughout the Bible continues to tell that story today in us and through us. And we believe that we are called to be the latest in the long line of people who are exploring what it means to live out the Kingdom of God in our world today.


We believe that we live in a world that is disconnected and broken. We believe Jesus is our only hope of reconnection and so church should be a place where people can be connected and reconnected. Connected with God, with each other, with communities and with creation and where we can rediscover who we are and who we could be. As a church we seek to reconnect in every way we can so that the world can become reconnected, restored and renewed in every way it can. This is the Kingdom of God.


We believe God is a relational God – Father, Son and Spirit; a God who hears the cry of humanity and responds. We believe that God desires to be in relationship with us and that through this relationship He offers restoration and salvation from the death and darkness that consumes so much of our lives. We believe the way of Jesus cannot be lived in isolation and so we choose to share our lives deeply with each other, submitting to each other, serving each other, seeking the best for each other and loving each other. 


We believe that Jesus is the image of the invisible God and that the church is called to reflect Him.  As such we are called to love and serve the world and to be the hands and feet of God in Yeovil, the nation and the world. We believe that we can only do this through the empowering of the Holy Spirit and together with God’s people. We believe that we are called to love actively, to serve in the face of oppression, poverty, injustice and brokenness. We believe this is the heart of God as revealed through scripture and as disciples of Jesus we choose to love unconditionally.


We believe that we are called to be people who are transformed by the Spirit of God and set free from the things that destroy us. We are called to be people who live in harmony with Jesus. We want to see transformation in our broken society, and so we seek to demonstrate distinctive values of love, constancy, forgiveness, restoration, peace, justice and truth. As we explore the teachings of Jesus, we invite people to journey with us and to be transformed with us.


We believe God is an expressive God and that He chooses to express Himself through us. We believe that we are called to find creative ways to live out and communicate the message of Jesus today as we seek to demonstrate God through our lives and our creativity. We believe that all of God’s creation is an expression of who He is and in the same way everything we do, say, create and live out should express who God is. This is our worship.