Mary was a common name in the New Testament, but one of the best known is Mary the sister of Lazarus & Martha.  We encounter her in three incidents, and each time she is positioned at the feet of Jesus. 

In Lk 10 she shamelessly insists on sitting to learn at the feet of Jesus.  And Jesus affirms her choice. 

In Jn 11 she falls at his feet, shamelessly and tearfully pouring out her broken heart.  And Jesus is deeply moved. 

In Jn 12 she shamelessly pours perfume on his feet and wipes them with her hair.  And Jesus loves her for it. 

In each case Mary was unrestrained in defying cultural conventions in order to get close to Jesus, and unconstrained in displaying the depth of her emotions to him.  Mary may have had a common name, but there was an uncommonly beautiful authenticity about her relationship with Jesus.  And – typically reserved British male that I am – I want to learn from her. 

Master, I want to be so determined to absorb your words, that I elbow aside all that gets in the way of my finding a place at your feet. 

I want to candidly expose before you my deepest hopes and darkest fears, my disappointments and my delights; to learn to plead before you with tears. 

And in my eagerness to express to you my love and worship, I want to disregard the cost to myself (mostly pride) and the easy cynicism of others. 

For you Master welcome and respond to the raw and unhindered devotion of an honest heart. 

And you are unembarrassed by emotion that is not self-indulgent self-expression, but an unaffected cry of worship to the King of my heart.