YCC is part of the church in Yeovil and has been for over 100 years. Starting as Preston Chapel, we have evolved from a brethren congregation to a network of small congregations across the town, to the church we are today, which sees itself as a resource to and a part of the community in Yeovil.

We believe that we are part of something bigger than just ourselves; that we are created to live in community and that our community prospers when we meet the needs of the marginalized, poor, sick and disadvantaged.

We believe that one of the most inspiring messages of scripture is that of Hope, and that however difficult our past is, it does not need to define our future. In light of this, we are committed to exploring God together, being transformed together, and working out our faith through serving our community. We are involved in delivering a wide number of programmes and projects across the town that meet the needs of every section of our community. We believe that church should not be self serving and inward focused, but rather Christ serving and outward focused.

We believe in a God who loves everyone, regardless of religion, sex, race, background, nationality and creed and that we are all created with talents skills and potential. We believe that regardless of what we have done, God sees everyone as immensely beautiful and that each of us has significant worth. Therefore , we are committed to being deeply inclusive, and helping people realize their potential and make the most of their skills and talents as part of the community.

As part of the church, and as part of the community, we are committed to working in partnership to see these aims met and to see our community flourish.